Accg301 Report


This report aims to analyse the Virgin Australia group, in particular the airline subordinate and their ability as an organisation to Manage Customers and Time. A review of the company and its environment will be provided in addition to an analysis of the competition in the Australian aviation market. Through the use of one of Porters’ competitive forces namely “Bargaining Power of Customers” the report will evaluate the extent Virgin Australia’s customers can influence the organisation. The report will discuss how the organisation handles its customers and how they create value in the form of time, cost, loyalty and quality of service provided. Finally recommendations on how Virgin can increase the value to customers will be provided along with a conclusion of all our findings.
Virgin Australia
Virgin Australia co-founded by Sir Richard Branson and former Virgin Blue CEO Brett Godfrey was established in 2000 as one of Australia’s smallest carriers operating a single route with just two aircraft and a dedicated team of just 200 people (Virgin Aus, 2013). Since then, the company has been able to establish itself strongly in the Australian airline industry with a fleet size of over 90 aircraft flying to over 460 destinations across its airline network (Virgin Aus Annual Report, 2013).
As part of the Virgin Group conceived in 1970 by Sir Richard Branson, the Virgin Brand has become one of the most highly respected global brand names reaching customers by the millions with a belief in making a difference and standing for the principles of value for money, quality, innovation and a sense of competitive challenge (Virgin Aus, 2013). These values are shared by Virgin Australia team as they are determined to become the airline of choice for all travellers, corporate and/or leisure in nature.
Since its incorporation, Virgin has heavily focused on providing great value and outstanding customer service to their...