The three accounting professionals include Ferrier Hodgson, Pfizer and CBA. The three accounting professionals worked as an accountant for very long time and they have lots of experience.   For example, Robyn Duggan, the partner of Ferrier Hodgson, she has worked at Ferrier Hodgson for 24 years. Joyce Teh, the Compliance, Control & Risk Lead of Pfizer, has worked at Pfizer for 13 years. Nigel Pickford, the Treasury of CBA, has worked at CBA for 14 years.   Furthermore, most of them have financial skills which include financial reporting, financial audit, financial risk, corporate finance and financial analysis.
However, the working areas of them are different. For example, Joyce Teh is responsible for managed direct reports, period and closing, learning the ropes of the pharmaceutical industry and participated in projects with team members. Ferrier Hodgson are responsible for corporate recovery, forensic accounting & IT, corporate advisory and management consulting.
I love to learn new things and I am curious. I will ask tutor or lecturer when I have questions. Furthermore, I like to communicate with people and work as a team because accountants usually have to discuss about the method and the information to finish the job and work together as a team. I like to join society and meet new friends. I can also speak Mandarin and Cantonese. I am confidence and enthusiasm. I really want to be an accountant. I am good at solving conflict and problems. I am hardworking because I study after every lecture. Furthermore, I think work life balance is important. I believe that life is not only just about working, therefore I will do some sports or go other places during holiday. Also, I will keep in touch with my family and friends. I am creative and innovative because I have to provide solutions to a problem, develop new ideas, and find improvement opportunities for the firm. However, I am not good at time management because I always find that I do not have enough...

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