Accg 399 Reflective Essay

Summary of learning log entries:
Firstly, at beginning of the first few weeks, I was quite confused about the number of required assessments that have to be handed in during this semester. Hence I was on the wrong track as keep doing duplicated tutorial works. Therefore, I have been trying to learn and keep my own weekly summary work throughout lecture contents and tutorial works.
In general, I have been flexible about the learning programs and applied theory of each week experiences. For instance, I have carefully prepare tutorial works before tutorial, such as topic regulatory and political influence on accounting practice in week 2, critical thinking about conceptual framework in week 5 and the influences of accounting to social life via cancer demonstration and my learning log entries also include my review under angles of other units by different learning methods compare with ACCG399. In conclusion, the description of my belief and personal behavior reflected toward those learning entries and accounting can been seen apparently throughout my learning log entries papers.

Reflective essay:
After revising back to my very first learning log entry, the contents were really puerile and it was not quite reflecting on my study, such as what was happening and what I did learn from the past weeks. However, thanks to my tutor’s comments and explanation, I was really found out and learned from my mistakes to improve my critical thinking and improve my learning log entries become more comprehensive and more professional. Moreover, I also have obtained a broad vision and be able to understand number of complicated issues existing amongst social communication and business strategies in the relation of accounting.
After review all of my learning log entries, I would like to demonstrate about the number of topics that I have learnt as well as number of experiences and tips that our tutor has clarified and explained throughout the semester. The most thing that is...