Acceptance Letter

Nathan R. Cagle
Illinois State University Admissions
September 7, 2013

If you are going to do something, do it right and do it right the first time. Having been raised in a hard working and successful family, I remember my grandfather always saying that. I have seen much of my family work to earn what they have and only a few of them have received college degrees. In this tough economy I think it is crucial to have a strong educational background with college credentials to have a bright future. I have been taking classes at Illinois Valley Community College and Joliet Community College for over a year while searching for a school that best fits my interests. I have been on several college visits all of which do not compare to Illinois State University and what they have to offer. On my first college visit to ISU I felt welcomed by all the smiles the faculty and the students gave me as I walked around campus. From the first time I walked on campus I thought it was very nice with beautiful surroundings. As large as the campus is, I assumed there would also be large class sizes. I learned, however, the student to faculty ratio is 19:1. This is great to know because I seem to do better when there is always a teacher around the corner to help me along the way. Though the campus is beautiful and there are plenty of teachers around to help me understand the course material, the part of ISU that really caught my eye is their fitness center. This is extremely important to me due to the fact that I will be majoring in athletic training and I will be using that building often. Exercising and participating in sports have been important to me all my life, so this is why studying to become an athletic trainer will be a perfect job for me. I have researched athletic training programs in several different schools and ISU has an outstanding program in which I will excel in. I believe I will show many of my academic strengths throughout this program. This program will be...