Accelerating Technical Competency in Oil & Gas

PROCEEDINGS, INDONESIAN PETROLEUM ASSOCIATION Thirtieth Annual Convention & Exhibition, May 2007

Title : Accelerating Technical Professionals Development; Technical Competency Development Program in PT Medco E&P Indonesia

Author/Presenter Co-author

: Tia N. Ardianto : Salmar Ngadikan PT Medco E&P Indonesia

Accelerating Technical ProfessionalsProfessional Development Through; Technical Competency Development Program in at PT Medco E&P Indonesia

In responding to the great crew change in the oil and gas industry, over hiring fresh graduates engineers/geoscientists has become one of the solutions for many companies. Medco E&P, is an Indonesian independent Indonesian oil and gas company, has been doing thetaken similar steps similar approach by recruiting almost 200 fresh graduate engineers and geoscientist in the last 3 years. Beside After one year of intensive acceleration accelerated training program for fresh graduates, the company has follow up program to develop the technical competency for all technical professional staffs. In 2005, the company had established the a competency development program assisted by external consultants. This is a customized technical competency model based on the The uniqueness of theuniqueness of the organization, operation and the future technical capabilities required. were the base in customizing the technical competency model. After establishing the competency model, 80 young engineers and geoscientist were assessed to identify the organizational technical competency gaps & strength. We had also developed the internal capability to assess competency by appointing and training senior level technical professionals to be internal assessors. The assessment process starts with self assessment then interview with experts in related discipline to validate the result. To support this process the a web based self assessment tool was implemented to ensure engineers and geoscientists have access to the system. Mentoring...