Kudler currently uses a manual process for tracking, reporting and entering time card records. With our recommendation to purchase industry specific software, Kudler will be able to be more efficient and accurate as it pertains to payroll reporting. By using a system such as Biometric payroll tracking system Kudler will be able to reduce errors and overhead costs associated with a manual reporting system. Implementing this system will allow employees to go in and track as well as edit their time cards. This will allow them to report sick and vacations days in the event they have missed work. Management will be alerted that a change has been requested and they can go in and make the appropriate changes as requested. This system will allow management to track payroll and hours much easier, as well as run reports based on the company as a whole and as an individual location within the organization. Reports can be run for individual employees for the purpose of employee evaluations.   This system will allow the company to monitor absenteeism, assure accurate payment is made and enable them to stay in compliance with the overtime payment requirements.

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