Acc421 Week 1

My employer is a retail grocery store.   The bookkeeper is responsibility for ordering, monitoring the cash balance in the safe, registers, and the daily deposit to meet the store specifications limits set by the corporate office.   The bookkeeper balances each register using the daily cash drop sheet, cash, coupons and other media to the nightly reports. Coupons are bundled, forwarded to the processing center and should match the daily reports to ensure reimbursement.

Manager in charge is responsible for picking up money from each register when requested by the cashiers.   The money is strapped, numbered, logged, and dropped in the back safe.   The store safe has three compartments.   The front is utilized to make change for the store with the minimum amount of coin and cash, a timed second safe is used to hold a larger amount of cash, and the back is for deposits only.   The back safe requires two keys and can only be opened when armor arrives with one of the keys to pick up the deposit.   The bookkeeper does not have access to the cash for the deposit.   The deposit slip is prepared by adding the daily cash drop sheet total and the number of bundles that will be picked up.   The bookkeeper at this time will enter the figures in the deposit section and order cash if necessary. Verifications are made when armor picks up the deposit and delivers cash to the processing center that makes the deposit.   The manager in charge verifies the number of bundles being placed in a deposit bag to match the number on the deposit slip.   This is the time armor will deliver cash that has been ordered.   The manager that verifies the deposit will accept the cash drop off.   Each bundle of money is verified by running it through the cash counter.   The cash is then broken down into manageable bundles and placed into the safe.   Receipts are then placed into the bookkeeper box to be recorded in the store system.
The manager in charge can be the store director, assistant store director,...