Acc Global Environment: Facebook


Global Environment: Facebook
Regina Santilli, Anthony Thomas, & Jennifer McDowell
July 8th, 2013
Professor P. Mack

Facebook Introduction
​Facebook is a social networking website that allows users to interact with family, friends, and associates.   Users can share pictures, games, music, give gifts, share apps, and use this network as a tell all or tell nothing forum for those they invite to their page.   Facebook began at Harvard University in 2004.   Its’ founder, Mark Zuckerberg, had previously developed several other social networking platforms.   One month after the launch of Facebook, over half of the undergraduate students at Harvard had a profile registered on the site.   That same year, Facebook opened its’ network to other Ivy League Universities in the Boston area, then to all universities and in September 2005 to all United States high schools.   In 2006, Facebook offered a free registration to anyone with an email address.   Facebook makes their profit through advertising revenue (Phillips, 2007).
​In 2012, Facebook became a highly anticipated publicly traded company. When Facebook opened on NASDAQ, “Monthly active users (MAUs) were 955 million as of June 30, 2012, an increase of 29% year-over-year. Daily active users (DAUs) were 552 million on average for June 2012, an increase of 32% year-over-year, and Mobile MAUs were 543 million as of June 30, 2012, an increase of 67% year-over-year. Facebook’s revenue for the second quarter totaled $1.18 billion, an increase of 32%, compared with $895 million in the second quarter of 2011” (Facebook Earnings, 2012).   Facebook is a global social networking giant that is gaining not only in revenue, but also in popularity on a daily basis.
First Quarter 2013 Financial Highlights for Facebook
​Facebook’s revenue for the first quarter totaled $1.46 billion, an increase of 38%, compared with $1.06 billion in the first...