Acc 280 Week 5

ACC 280 WEEK 5

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ACC 280 Week 5,
ACC 280 Week 5
Week 5 DQ 1
Of the several regulatory bodies, which has the most affect on companies? Why?
Do both public and nonpublic or not-for-profit organizations comply with the regulations of all regulatory bodies?
Why or why not? Are there gray areas? How do companies assure compliance with regulations?
How does your company comply? Any thoughts on how to streamline the regulatory
process over accounting and finance?
Week 5 DQ 2
What are some internal controls related to cash? Why is control over cash important?
What are the pros and cons of segregation of duties over cash?
Why is a bank reconciliation considered an internal control over cash?
How does it provide control? What control violations might the bank reconciliation highlight?
Week 5 DQ 3
What aspect of this class did you find the most helpful? What would you change if you were given the opportunity?
Week 5 Assignments:
ACC 280 Week 5 Assignment Ethics Case (BYP8 – 6)
ACC 280 Week 5 Chap. 7(Quest.)
ACC 280 Week 5 Chap. 15 Exercises; E15 – 1, E15 – 2, E15 – 11)
ACC 280 Week 5 Chap. 15 Problems P15-1, P15-6
ACC 280 Week 5 Exercise E8 – 5.
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