1. What do I turn in for daily work?
Complete all problems that are assigned for each lesson. Not all problems are turned in for a
grade in the gradebook so there are math assignment sheets for each unit that will let you
know what needs to be turned in to me for a grade. You will turn in the homework at the
end of the whole unit at once with the math assignment sheet on top of the homework. The
assignment sheet will have your name on it, and scored based on the rubric, and the student
and learning coach will read and sign the bottom of the sheet. Be sure to complete all
problems in an organized way with the problems labeled and answers clearly shown. In
order to receive credit for the assignments, work must be shown. You will not receive credit
if you only submit answers or if not all assignments have been attempted.
2. Where do I find the math assignment sheet?
Math assignment sheets are on my website which can be accessed through the section
message board or the following link: Mrs. Dikeman’s classroom
3. When is the homework due?
Homework should be completed as you complete each lesson and then at the end of the
unit you are to get all of your homework together in order with the math assignment sheet
filled out on top of your homework and sent in in a white envelope or attached to the
sample work drop box at the end of the unit. (Pre-Calculus does not have a drop box so you
can email instead or send in the mail) If you are sending by mail, the work needs to be sent
out right away when you complete the unit test. It must be received by me before you take
the unit test of the following unit or it is considered late. Expect homework to take up to 5
business to get to me.
4. How does my homework get checked?
After each lesson the student or learning coach should check the homework with the answer
key. You may even want them checked after you complete a few to make sure you are on
the right track first. The answer keys are posted...