Academic Writing


                                                                                                                                                    THE CHALLENGES OF ACADEMIC WRITING


One of the many difficulties tasks which foreign students find daunting is adjusting to the writing styles involved with academic style writing. The foreign students who use English
as a second language believe adjusting to this style has many challenges. Reading and understanding different questions also has posed certain difficulties for foreign students.
Foreign students find the different writing styles complicated. However it is believed that home grown students also find certain writing techniques complicating.

The problems of academic writing added to the challenges that students face include finding it hard to put their thoughts into writing. Fusing together correct sentences and paragraphs.
Students sometimes find it hard tomake sence of what has been written, a problem that is relative to lack of confidence. Spelling and grammar is a big issue of concern for students
writing in the academic style.

A lot of students find that they improve by reading as much as possible to understand the structure of sentences, grammar and punctuation. Others find it useful to write as much as
possible and correct themselves as they get more familiar with the writing style. These are some of the difficulties of academic writing.


Academic style writing and techniques can be made easier to practice and understand by students who prefer to use a diary to practice their writing at the beginning of learning.
This method allows the student to practice first before attempting to submit any of their essays. Using a diary is also considered to be a preparation for more intensive study of
academic writing.
Students find the Open University a useful source and guide to get more information on getting better knowledge for obtaining further writing skills. The...