Academic Success

Continued Academic Success
Nakesha Kincaid
October 5, 2015
Instructor: Lisa Henriksen
Continued Academic Success

  Philip Zimbardo, a Psychologist, once said, “Academic success depends on research and publications”. For some, research is not an easy thing to do. Many may struggle with keeping up with the task at hand. As for publications, it all depends on what you like to read or what sparks an interest to make you want to learn. Even though one may get discouraged, academic success can be reached in different ways.

  One way of reaching academic success is making goals for yourself. When we make goals for ourselves, they propel us forward by giving one something to plan and work for. Often times we get discouraged because things seem to be going the wrong way, or the problem just may be to huge and they give up. When we set goals, it gives us the opportunity to break down larger ones into smaller ones therefore making it more manageable to finish. Setting goals can make a mountain seem like tiny hills. Knowing you can do those smaller goals that will one day add up to be the big goal, motivates you to just want to finish. Once you know you can achieve those goals, you start to believe in yourself, and go for what you want. When you believe in yourself, nothing can stop your academic success. My educational goal is to complete University of Phoenix with my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in exactly two years, with a G.P.A of 3.6 or higher. I want to graduate with honors. I then want to return to receive my Masters in Clinical Psychology with emphasis in alcohol and drugs. My career goals are to one day have my own clinic where I can treat and help those with substance abuse issues.

Another way of Achieving academic success is by knowing the writing process. Writing can prepare you for basically anything you do in life education or career wise. Knowing how to write and the writing process properly builds a student’s confidence. It...