Unit 11

Abuse occurs when someone is treated with cruelty Or Violence, especially repeatedly and on regular basis, or when they are treated in an insulting and offensive way.

Types of   Abuse :
Physical abuse
  * Involves contact
  * Is intended to cause feelings of intimidation, injury, physical suffering or bodily harm.
Sexual abuse
  * Forcing undesired sexual behaviour on another person
  * Inappropriate touching of intimate areas

Emotional/psychological abuse
  * May involve threats or actions
  * Causing mental or physical harm
  * Causing humiliation or isolation

Financial abuse
  * Illegal or unauthorised use of an individual’s property,money,pension payments or other valuables.
  * Demanding money for fake services or prizes
  * Conning someone into paying for something that they do not need, such as inappropriate insurance
  * Fraud

Institutional abuse

  * failure or an organisation to provide appropriate, person-centred services and care for vulnerable people
  * detected through processes, attitudes and behaviour that amount to discrimination
  * often based on prejudice, ignorance, thoughtlessness, stereotyping and rigid systems
  * can occur unwittingly(not on purpose)


  * a behavioural condition
  * individual neglects their own needs, such as hygiene, clothing, feeding
  * individual does not look after medical conditions appropriately

Neglect by others
  * passive form abuse
  * when someone caring for another person fails to provide adequate care to meet their needs
  * includes failing to provide sufficient supervision,
  * Nourishment, medical care etc.

Possible signs and symptoms

Physical abuse:
  * bruises, pressure marks, broken bones, abrasions, burns
  * individual might talk about pain ,or grimace when they move

Sexual abuse
  * bruises in the breast and genital areas
  * unexplained bleeding around the genital area
  * broken skin...