My parents have always repetitively told me to treat life in a more serious manner, that my carefree attitude, absentmindedness and spontaneity must be eradicated. However, I’ve always thought these said-to-be ‘weaknesses’ of mine, have made life much easier, which contributes a huge part to my positivity and stress-free status.
Yet, thanks to my character, the toughest years of facing public exams in high school simply flew by swiftly, while it pestered my friends so much, that their hair started falling off, their weight kept fluctuating and their emotions were instable. Most people thought of the exams as something that determines their entire future for it affects their chance of being accepted by ivy leagues, but I honestly think its only part of our academic life. Then along came college applications, which I completed in a month’s time, when my friends were battling with them for almost a year. They found tutors and counselors to assist them in writing their applications, so to pursue a perfect impression to colleges. Some of them fictionalize stories in their college essays to articulate a more unique character, but I chose to stay original and wrote about my own real life-changing experiences. Well, I guess my application was not that bad after all, as it landed be in NYU.
People nowadays emphasize too much on polishing their life, that they lost track of their original self. When people complained how “life’s a bitch”, I treasure life for the obstacles for they make me a stronger person. Life can be less complicated if we worry less, smile more and keep things simple.