About Me

Name: Janna Di Giovanni
Language Arts 8
August 18, 2014
Janna Rose Di Giovanni was born May 23, 2000 in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. In Baptist Memorial hospital in New Orleans and it got destroyed in hurricane Katrina and got re-opened as Ochsner medical hospital. She was raised in Gretna, Louisiana. Janna was raised in an okay neighborhood. She was sent to good schools, just so she could achieve her life goals. She was always told to do anything she could do, then do it bigger.
Janna is very optimistic, brave, and creative. And very interesting, like her nationality, she's mixed with so many different things. Her Sicilian and Cajun side tends to stick out most as in how she could be mixed with that. But of course that’s what makes her, her. She feels as if that’s what makes her stand out as a person.
Her creativity is the biggest stand out of all. She was asked to go around the world for an art group. She was also asked to go to Nocca. Her bravery is her flaw and perfection, being brave tends to make you hard headed, her fears never stopped her from anything, well I guess that’s the perfection part. She never lets anything get in her way. Her optimistic attitude helps the bravery, so she doesn’t look at the world as a road block. She's happy, joyful, and full of life, but also strong and brave.
When she was younger she would do the craziest things, like jump off the roof on to a trampoline. Once she jumped in a baby pool in Baton Rouge at a hotel during oil spill. That’s where her bravery is a flaw. But doing all of her jumping lead to her having bad ankle problems. Her main problem could just be her walking. Which is weird and painful and lead her to fracture her ankle several time in strange ways.
Yet, all in all Janna tries to be her.   She feels as if of course she has to do things to get her to achieve in life.   She has her whole life set out for her, and she wants to keep it that way. All she wants is to be something, so she...