About Environmental Law

1.floating ice and land based ice

Often, the impact of global warming, rising sea levels, says Rise in the world's sea levels by 20 feet that actually melts the ice sheets, but people do not realize the seriousness. Drift ice major cause of sea-level rise, most people think that is because the floating ice, but it can have the biggest impact on global warming substantially the land of ice. For example, when in a cup filled only minimal changes of sea level rise, but the ice melted the ice in a cup filled with water when the ice melted, sea level rise of greater width.
This part is the part of the people need to be aware. In fact, these cases occurred in the Greenland, but this problem is not simply Greenland. Because if you continue to neglect these issues hundreds of millions of victims to local problems that could lead to The progress of global warming rapidly but noticeable gradual directly linked to the overall problem of our lives have been. However, appropriate responses and policies on these issues has not been done. Require a change in the difference between drift ice and land ice, as shown by the rapid changes that these issues should not be neglected, the people's attitude and perspective towards global warming and countermeasures commensurate with the various environmental policies need to be sought.

2.Tabacco Industry

Cigarettes, whether direct or indirect, between the everyday life of human beings that can naturally penetrate. But behind these continuous exposure of tobacco industry marketing strategies are being constantly made. Korea in order to reduce the rate of smoking tobacco prices rise pretentious smoking areas of the sanctions policy basing. But tobacco companies through the various policies that could erode their negative image of the government's policy to respond to ever-popular exposure to tobacco and smoking and is. Korea KT & G is actually a positive brand image through symbols of various age and gender-sensitive tobacco...