Do you support murder? Abortion is exactly the same practice as murder, yet many people support it. Abortion is the killing of an unborn baby any time during pregnancy. Abortion is immoral and cannot be consider correct in any form.
    Abortion is just like murder because an innocent person is killed. The reason abortions are so bad and are consider being like murder is that it takes away one’s most joyful moment, life. It involves the process of killing a human child is still alive. At any stage during an abortion the child is considered alive because it has a fully functional heart, breathing lungs, and other organs that are beginning to form. Now if a woman does decide to go through with her abortion, there are many processes for the abortion.
    The first process, dilation and extraction (D&E) refers to the dilation of a women’s cervix and a surgical evacuation of contents of the uterus. This process literally uses suction to pull the baby out of the uterus. D&E abortions mainly occur during the second trimester of a women’s pregnancy. Next, dilation and curettage abortions can be used. This uses a spoon shaped instrument to scoop the baby out. It is an earlier term abortion, being performed anywhere from six to thirteen weeks after pregnancy. This form of abortion causes the most pain to the baby and mother. It is the main cause of cervix laceration in women
    Third, a woman can have a medical abortion performed. This type of abortion does not use and instruments or tools to perform the abortion. Mifeprex, a medical pill is used to kill the baby. This method is performed in a women’s trimester. Medical abortions are a slower process, but have the lowest risk of harm to the mother.
    Abortion is not as easy as one may think. There is much pain and many types of complications that can occur while having an abortion. Abortions have risk of injuring the mother and even causing death. A few of the...