Cultural Evaluation
Many countries have different laws and views on the subject of abortion. In Russia, there are similar laws and beliefs as in America. Although there are many groups of Russians that believe that abortion should be illegal, Russia also has one of the highest abortion rates anywhere in the world. Abortions have been legal in Russia since 1920, when they became the first country in the world to allow abortions under any circumstance. However, since the mid 1900’s, due to a dwindling population, President Dmitri Medvedey signed an act that restricted abortions to no later than the 12th week of pregnancy or in the case of poor families the 22nd. Also, a mother that is seeking an abortion must wait 3 to 4 days in order to consider whether or not she really feels she must get an abortion, some feel this waiting period is pointless, however some Russians believe that it does save the lives of many unborn children. Much like the United States, Russia also has a large group of supporters that firmly believe that abortion must become illegal in all circumstances. Pro-Life supporters have began a debate in Russia not unlike the debates that rage on in America, Russians strongly voice their opinions to parliament to get the laws change. On reverse side, Pro-Choice supporters in Russia rally to keep the local laws in tact and continue to maintain the way of life that Russia is used to living.
Pro-Life supporters insist that life begins at conception and that abortion is murder, many countries around the world have similar beliefs just as the United States does. It seems that no matter where you travel in the world this topic is one that will always be contestable, although laws very from country to country, almost all have some form of abortion available to help mothers who feel they cannot provide for the life of another human being. Inevitably if abortions become illegal in one country there will be those mothers who choose to travel to another country...