Abortion: Should it remain legal?

Since 1973 in the USA, women have legally been allowed to abort their unborn babies. Personally, I am pro-abortion as I feel that women should have the freedom to do whatever they want with their own body without feeling pressured into decisions or illegally aborting their child. Abortion has been surrounded by controversial protests, arguments and demonstrations since the day the law was passed as many people believe it is wrong.

Many women are driven to abortion when under extreme circumstances. In many cases, their unborn baby has been diagnosed with a disease which would leave the child dead before it is born, so the women decide to abort their baby to save going through a struggled pregnancy for nothing more than pain. Abortion should be a service to the public as if it was illegal, women undergoing such circumstances would likely search for an illegal alternative as giving birth is rendered pointless as the baby will be dead.

Often, women or couples may not be in any financial or emotional state to raise a child. If the soon-to-be parents were emotionally unstable or reckless, their child may undergo a troubled childhood leading to an adult life of poverty and/or crime. This could mean unwanted children are brought into the world to potentially abusive parents who don't care for them. If this was to happen, more criminals/murderers/rapists could be born, meaning abortion may be saving many lives by taking one yet to start.
If the parents were too poor to give the child a comfortable lifestyle, their child may not be fed well or have great living conditions, leading to health problems for the child throughout life. Parents may not want this so may choose to abort their child.

Sometimes, women may not wish to become pregnant, but previous use of birth control may have failed and they could not avoid it. Contraceptives never have a 100% success rate, so unwanted pregnancies are always going to occur sometimes...