Discursive Essay – Abortion.

              Worldwide there is approximately 42million abortions per year, that’s approximately 115, 000 abortions per day. Half of the women obtaining abortions are younger than 25 years old. Also, around 60% of abortions are performed on un-married women.   Many women have abortions because of   incest, rape, unwanted pregnancy or wealth.
              There are a lot of cons for abortion and just one of them is murder demeans the value of a human life. When a pregnant women feels a kick in her belly, she doesn't say "Oh, the foetus kicked" she says "The baby kicked." After conception you have a real human being waiting to enter the world. Why should taking someone's life when they're in the womb be any different than taking their life when they're a baby in the crib? Even if you don't believe abortion is murder, it still demeans the value of human life, since women can so callously stomp out a living being simply because they're inconvenienced.
              There are many couples who spend years on waiting lists trying to adopt a child. The number of couples out there who cannot have a child of their own for physical reasons are too numerous to count. The waiting list for adopting babies can be 5-10 years or more. Young women in their teens are right to be concerned that they're not ready to effectively raise a child. However, if that is the case, there are plenty of wonderful people out there who are. Not only would you be bringing a valuable life into the world, you'd also be making the dream of a childless couple come true.
              Abortion eliminates legal rights of the unborn child. People have stated that we are all entitled to life and the pursuit of happiness. With abortion being legal we take those rights away from a person who could grow up to be bright and make something of themselves. Just because the babies can't speak for themselves doesn't mean they have no rights. If a person shoots and kills a...