First and for most we are grateful to Almighty Allah for giving us the strength and wisdom to work on this project and bring it to completion.
We would also like to extend a huge thanks to our Entrepreneurship teacher Ms. Imrana Farooqi, who motivated us throughout the semester and made the preparation of this report possible.
Furthermore the information which has been compiled and presented in this report was gathered with the cooperation of the management and the employees of Shifa International Hospital. The Consultants at the Psychiatry Department and the Oncology Department gave us valuable inputs for our idea and research. We are extremely thankful to all of them for their assistance.
In addition, we would like to thank the gracious respondents who participated in our survey.

Table of Contents
Mission Statement 3
Vision 3
Slogan 3
Executive Summary 4
Business Description 5
Market Analysis and Strategies 8
Porter’s Five Forces Model 9
Environmental Assessment 10
SWOT Analysis 11
PEST Analysis 12
Location 17
Management 18
Financial Forecasting 21
Critical Risks and Alternative Course of Action 24
Harvest Strategy 26
Milestones Schedule 27
Appendix 28
References 32

Mission Statement
To bring about a change for a better society through our services, while placing tremendous importance on our customer’s satisfaction along with being a profitable venture.


To become a leading name in the healthcare industry through continuous improvement, providing top quality services to our clients, which will enable them to appreciate life fully, be happy and also help the community become a happier and better place to live in.


“A Happy you, a Happier family, a Happier society!”

Executive Summary

This report provides a complete overview of our business idea, “Abelia”, which is a one of a kind venture that aims to help individuals suffering from stress/anxiety related problems. The...