Aat Level 4

A to Z Vehicle Hire
Internal Controls and Accounting Systems


I, Tracey Smith, hereby declare that the project entitled `Internal Control and Accounting Systems` is my original work. I have not copied from any other student`s work or from any other sources except where due reference or acknowledgement is made explicitly in the text, nor has any part been written for me by another person.

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  1. Terms of Reference
  2. Methodology
  3. Executive Summary
  4. Introduction to the Organisation
  5. The Accounts Department
  6. Review of the Accounting Systems
  7. Ethical Evaluation of the Accounting System
  8. Sustainability Review of the Accounting System
  9. Internal Control and Analysis of Fraud
  10.   Recommendations
  11.   Cost Benefit Analysis


  1. Organisation Chart
  2. SWOT Analysis
  3. Fraud Matrix
  4. Ethical Evaluation
  5. Sustainability review of the Accounting system
  6. Partnership Agreement
  7. Mapping Document

1. Terms of Reference

1.1   This report investigates the accounting systems in place within A to Z vehicle hire. Making recommendations to improve the systems and controls in place to protect it and reducing the risk of fraud.

1.2   As part of the investigation into the system, this report also looks at the organisation as a whole, and the information needs from the system. It investigates the requirements of the key stakeholders, both internal and external. Ethical and sustainability issues have been considered and the appropriate recommendations to improve it.

1.3   This report analyses the recommendations made in terms of their costs and benefits. This report also analyses the potential of fraud and risk to the organisation.

1.4   This report has been prepared to cover the requirements of the internal controls and evaluating accounting systems paper that is part of the AAT level 4 Diploma in...