Aat Introduction

CPL:   It’s a company which manufactures paints for user consumers, operating with the best available technology. To comply with the highest standards in an international level, the company is hiring qualified employers.
The accounting and IT:
- Microsoft Excel instead of a more sophisticated program, reason: keeps cost low and easy installation.
- After 6 years, still working on M Excel.
- PCs running Window 7, with Microsoft 2013, but accounting department which is running with Window 10.
- Cost wise: Company has a Cost wise   system, installed 3 years ago.
- The company follows a traditional standard costing and variance analysis   is used to monitor and control the company’s performance month by month. This standars are set very year and remain unchanged that year. Every month are investigated by the chief accountant and the relevant budget holder.
- Sage 50 payroll, installed 3 years ago.
- CAD/CAM system to control the manufacturing products.
- New IT policy established for the new Finance Director 3 month ago. Page 8
Accounting personal information:
Dave Whistler (Finance Director): 25% Shareholder, general strategy of the company and financial strategy. Ensuring the large capital investment is professionally appraised. Making sure the company has a optimal debt and equity. Taxation overall planning and credit rating is maximized, working capital level minimum. In the practice, he delegates many of these responsibilities to the Chief Accountant.
Hazel Richmond (Chief Accountant): Dave’s deputy. 38. Responsibility of day-to-day running. She is supervising accountants clerks, also costing technician, the payroll and personnel database clerk. She produces the monthly management accounts, analysing the variances investigations with my help. Reviews the performance of the business from different parts of the business with the appropriate departmental manager. She also produces the annual budget (bottom-up) day-to-day cash flow, makes VAT and payroll...