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Brand Homes & Developments Ltd Transition From Sage Line 50 To COINS

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1) Title Page
2) Contents Page
3) Project Theme
4) Introduction
5) Managerial Theories
6) Managerial Theories within Brand Homes
7) Staffing Issues
8) SWOT analysis for Sage Line 50
9) SWOT analysis for Sage Line 50
10) SWOT analysis for COINS
11) SWOT analysis for COINS
12) Fraud
13) Implementation
14) Recommendations
15) Managers Statement
16) Appendices – additional information
13) i)   Brand Homes & Development Ltd Organisational Chart
13) ii) Introduction To COINS
13) iii) COINS Express Implementation Project

Project Theme

The following report is an examination of how Brand Homes has decided to invest in a new accounting system. It will show the inadequacies of the previous computer accounts system of Sage Line 50 and the improvement achieved by implementing the “COINS” (Construction Industry Solutions) in its place. The report will not only reflect on the system but also how it has changed the way a vast amount of staff now work. The main concentration of this report will be on the purchase ledger environment to Brand Homes accounting system


Background Information

Brand Homes is a building/construction firm that was started in 1997 by two directors, Andrew Jelf and Nick Crow. The progression from building just a few sites (mainly apartments blocks) has now progressed to many sites being constructed at one time and a huge increase in staff levels. A Southampton based company, they have mainly built in this area due to the expertise in the local market, however as competition has increased Brand homes now find themselves moving from the city and further a field.

Competitors in the market are various and competition for land can come from any...