Aarong Milk

Aarong Dairy, part of BRAC Dairy, a BRAC social enterprise, is committed to creating dairy products that can be a part of healthy and fulfilling lives. Aarong Dairy also committed to helping the 54,000 dairy farmers spread across Bangladesh, earn a fair price and achieve sustainable livelihood.
Aarong Milk was first marketed in 1998 by the dairy social enterprise of development organization BRAC, to help poor rural dairy farmers protect and grow their dairy enterprises and improve their family's income by facilitating access to urban markets. Inspired by this purpose, Aarong Milk has worked to build a brand that is as true to its urban consumers as it is to its rural suppliers, providing dairy products of impeccable quality that drive its vision of a healthy and strong Bangladesh.
In fact, although Aarong Dairy itself was established in 1998, its origins can be traced much further back, in the early 1980's, when the BRAC micro finance program aimed to provide funds for ultra-poor farmers to procure cows and invest in cows. Subsequently, BRAC's artificial insemination program also came into play, and successfully helped farmers rear breeds of cows that significantly increased their milk yields.

As a social concern of BRAC, this brand works for delivering the goodness of milk to consumers.

BDFP’s original mission was to secure market access for dairy farmers product to their customers. With inconsistent electricity are not widely available in Bangladesh. 80 per cent of Bangladesh still relies on the ‘informal’ milk market which delivers bulk amounts of raw milk to consumers. BDFP caters to the 20 per cent of Bangladeshis who rely on the formal milk market which sells processed and packaged milk. In essence, BDFP channels milk from rural areas into urban areas while channelling the revenue into rural areas., ultimately helping them generate income. Over time, BDFP’s goal has expanded to include serving high quality milk and...