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Essay Plan

Introductory Paragraph. Explanation of a traditionalist

Paragraph about Pugin’s own personal opinion of being a traditionalist

Paragraph about Catholic conversion and high factor in his obsession with Gothic Revival

Paragraph about Contrasts writings including references to drawings especially that of a Royal Chapel.

Paragraph about Pugin’s ‘True Principles’ book including references

Paragraphs with evidence of Dissent from tradition of religious figurines.


Option 1 - Pugin and the Revival of Gothic Architecture

‘Pugin’s work on church architecture and design, and his related writings, suggest that he should be regarded simply as a traditionalist.’ Do you agree?

I will begin this question with a definition of a traditionalist before discussing Pugin’s personal views on traditionalism, his religion and how he dissented from tradition whilst still arguing that he was a traditionalist. I will then discuss his writing and drawings from various publications in comparison of Gothic and Classical Architecture. I will also further argue how Pugin also dissented from tradition before finishing with a conclusion.

The definition of traditionalism is the ‘upholding or maintenance of tradition, especially so as to resist change’. - (Oxford Dictionaries)

Pugin claimed he was a traditionalist however by being so he was a more extreme one as he revived an old style as oppose to creating a new one. Augustus Pugin was widely known for his preference in gothic architecture and publicly voiced and published in writings and drawings that he wanted Britain to return to its architectural roots from that of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries away from the current classical era. He believed and argued that Britain was a much better country and had a better quality of life during this period and that by reviving this architecture the...