A1 Award Unit 1

Unit 1 Understanding the Principles and practices of assessment
1 Understand the principles and requirements of assessment
      1.1 Explain the function of assessment in learning and development:
The function of assessment is to check if learning has taken place. It provides a reliable measure for student’s progress, for example, the skills, competence, knowledge and understanding at any given point.
Assessment can be towards a formal qualification, or assessing competence in the workplace. This in itself can be towards Job specification, company standards or a formal qualification.
An initial assessment will take place to set a baseline and evaluate the candidate’s knowledge and to ascertain what standard the learner is at, this can and does relate to whichever element and qualification they are being assessed on. This can then be used to show if any progress has been made and if so how much. If there are knowledge or skills gaps you can upskill the learner by using various methods, including but not exhaustive of role play, question and answer sessions, group discussion, personal statements, all of which will show the learner is actively moving their learning and development forward.  
Assessment should focus on improving and reinforcing learning as well as measuring achievements, it helps learners identify their progression and what they need to do to improve and progress further. Assessment should be a regular process; it may not always be in a formal situation but can also be workplace observations, by asking relevant questions, and carrying out regular reviews. Learners can demonstrate knowledge and skills regularly thought activities, discussions and regular tasks. As an assessor you need to ensure that feedback is constructive and focus’s on the activity or work produced rather than the individual, this will help keep learners motivated. Assessment should be specific towards learner achievements and how they can improve.
Formative Assessment are...