A1 Assessors

Explain The Functions of assessment in learning and development.

Assessment needs to be and is carried out at to ensure that learning has taken place. It measures the learner’s knowledge and skills in their learning area. Assessment encourages learners to ask questions on anything they have not fully understood, as learners know that they will have to prove their knowledge and understanding to the standards of the awarding body. Learning and development are both connected.  The learner needs guidance to understand what it is they have to learn, if they are on track and how they may improve.  Assessment is essential for this to happen. There will be observation, teaching one to one to assess whether the learner has met the standards and if they are occupationally competent and to assess their current knowledge and skills.
The need to be an assessor is discussed with the learner at a relevant time of him/her requiring assessment skills (Watch Manager interview or Appraisal/CPD meeting). He or she then gains a current qualified Assessor as a mentor to help him/her gain these skills. Both the process of and reasons behind assessment are learnt throughout this process and numerous vehicles for assessment are explained, such as: Observation, Written and Oral Questioning, Professional Discussion, Personal Statements, Witness Testimonies and Product Evidence.
The functions of assessment with   are:
  * That we identify the learner’s need (e.g Do they (like , Drivers, First Aid etc…) have a responsibility of assessing other learners?)
  * That we use judgement in order to correctly (in line with Kolb’s experiential cycle) assess the learner’s progress, based on their previous and future actions, and thus take an educated and effusive approach to learning and development.
  * To comply with the regulating body (in the case of )
carryout training in Driving , There is therefore a responsibility to assess all of the above which require us to be qualified...