A World of Connections

A world of connections
*The Evolving Phenomenon of Social N*etworks*; How They are Gaining G*round
“Ghettos for Geeks”. Until the mid 1990’s, this is how online communities were perceived. These sites were seen as ghettos for geeks because they were remote, cold, technological spaces where human interaction was done under aliases and other forms of pseudo identities. But these spaces have evolved with the addition of the more human elements of interactive socialization, easy to use interfaces and increased privacy settings to appeal to wider audiences. People are intrigued by the fact that they can find and interact with old, new and existing friends from around the world. They have also become less reserved about sharing personal information and identities so that the search for people becomes easier and more efficient.According to Charlene Li from the Altimeter consulting firm, “social networks greatest achievement has been to bring humanity into a place that was once cold and technical.” Through the use of these networks users can let their friends and the whole world know whats happening in their lives. This mass communication tool allows users to send messages, pictures, videos and other content with just a few clicks of a mouse. This represents a dramatic and permanent upgrade in people’s ability to communicate with one another.
People all around the world are making use of this ability and its audience does not only consist of youngsters. People of all ages are joining the networks in even greater numbers. These networks have become so popular because there is so much to do on them. They have created programs which run on their networks to engage their many users. These programs are cleverly built for the networks to acquire more users, and causes the sites to become more addictive.
These networks have also become important vehicles for news and channels of influence. Twitter for example, has real time updates on events such as the Mumbai...