A World Lit Only by Fire

Harielys Jerez-Nolasco
AP European History
September 2,2013

  Life during the medieval period

A World Lit Only By Fire: The Medieval Mind And The Renaissance by William Manchester is able to portray that although the Middle Ages faced mass and utter destruction, it was able to develop the modern mentality found in present day. The Dark Ages was a period of sorrow for some and great happiness for others. Based on the text, the medieval period was seen as a time of success to many because of the advancement in technology and artistic/intellectual values were recognized , it was also seen as a time of disparity due to the diseases causing short life expectancies, corruption and supremacy   found in the Christian faith, and violence creating crimes. The series of unrelated events were able to affect the overall populations but still became known as the dominant force in the world.
Through all the negative aspects seen during the Middle Ages, there was still some success achieved such as advancing in scientific technologies. By the 800’s, Europe was experiencing dynamic changes. The introduction of waterwheels in   the 800’s and windmills in the late 1100s was able to distribute clean water more accurately and windmills were able to supply clean energy, grind grain, and mill lumber speeding up production. The experiences of the crusaders and travelers like Marco Polo had expanded the European horizons, with the use of compass navigating ships. They were also able to develop new sea routes.Rather than taking 4 years they were able to advance and shorten it down by 3 years, making production and manufacturing in European civilization prosper. Being able to speed up the process also lead to more spices being transported such as cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, salt and pepper. They were used to disguise the odors and the ugly taste of spoiled meat. In addition, philosophers began to question the shape of the earth, its size, position and movement in the...