A Walk to the Jetty

Annie John

March 4, 2016
Dear family:
        Hi my name is Annie John. I am excited to come and   over to England. I wanted to introduce myself. My home place is Antigua. I lived with my mother and father I have no siblings. I am a 17-year-old female. I would like to come over to study nursing. I love to work I even once apprenticed for a seamstress. I hope by coming over I can help people and to be there for people who are very sick. I feel very lucky to have this opportunity that not everybody where I live has, let alone travel to a different country.
          I wonder how things look over there I have never left home before. I am curious as to how people in England do things such as school, games, and shopping. I am going to miss my island because I know nothing else but here. The world is a big place and I live on a tiny island, I am blessed with being able to leave home and pursue a career. Me and my family are sad that we won`t get to see each other again, but I know my parents are proud of me doing this.   As you can tell I’m not very adventurous I feel nervous but also excited. I am grateful that your family is going to let me stay at your house. I just know that we are going to get along very well and be the best of friends.
          I have a few questions to ask about England and your family.   What are some of your guy’s favorite hobbies? What do Englanders enjoy to do that no other country does? How many people are in your family? What is the age range between the kids? What are the names of the kids in your family? Is there anybody there close to or my age?
Again thank you for this opportunity. It would be much appreciated if you were to write back. Hope to be there soon.
Sincerely, Annie John