A Vietnamese Tale

1.4 a Vietnamese Tale
Tam was deeply saddened by his faithless wife. He looked at her with utter devastation in his eyes, his heart breaking, knowing that he was losing her for the second time.
Diep became agitated at the silence and tried to talk to Tam, to make him understand how happy she was and that he should be happy for her if he loved her so. Her voice sounded like the buzzing of a thousand flies let loose on a piece of rotting meat. He wished he could swat her away like an annoying insect, and suddenly he realised that Diep had disappeared and in her place was an irritating, whining, bloodsucking insect with wings. He smiled sadly realising that what the old man had said was true and he quietly walked away into the fading light.

She sat on the bench, head bowed and the tears flowed like a river down her reddened cheeks. Where should she go? Who should she turn to? Her well-ordered life had become as dark and turbulent as a summer storm, all because she trusted the wrong person.
The sharks were circling, coming closer and closer, she could feel their hot breath coming in excited waves towards her.
Suddenly a door opened, the row of faces turned expectantly towards the door, fear and anticipation reflected on their faces. Someone called her name, the faces relaxed, turned away, grateful that they were being granted a slight reprieve. She sat up and walked jerkily towards the courtroom door, towards her doom.