A Time to Dance

A time to dance essay

A time to dance essay by Bernard McLaverty is a short story about Nelson as he goes from skiving school to a strip-club.   This story strongly expresses the feelings of isolation and rejection through Nelson. In this essay I will be proving my point and also telling you about the story and his disgraceful relationship with his mother. I will also touch on situations where he felt rejected or isolated.
At the beginning of the story we learn about a boy called nelson, who does not have an easy life. Nelson and his mum are living in poverty and he has to wear eye patches over one eye as he has a lazy eye. He gets free school lunches from the school as his mum cannot afford to give him money for school lunches. As we get further into the story we learn that nelson is playing truant from school and therefore does not get school lunches! Luckily he manages to scam his mum out of 40 or 50 pence so he can eat. As we progress in the story we find a crucial story changing moment. Nelson is skiving school and he sees his mum, but before he gets the chance to run, his mum dashes at him grabbing him by his collar and saying “ In the name of god Nelson, what are you doing here!?, Why aren’t you at school?!”
Before Nelson could reply she started to rant and rave about how she would be put in jail. But before she could finish, Nelson began to shout “Help, Help!” “This woman is kidnapping me!”                                                       Nelson’s mum was then forced to take him to her work. When they got there the narrator describes it as being a “Bar, Plush and carpeted with crowds of men standing drinking” Nelson was then told to sit on a box in a storage room with both of the eye patches over his eyes so he couldn’t see a thing while his mum changed in to her work suit. We then find out that Nelson’s mum is a stripper and only does it to meet meats end. At the end of the story Nelson actually wants to become blind.
I will now explain why we...