A Terrific Holiday!!

The dark night was slowly crawling by and dawn was approaching. Then, the sun appeared in all its radiance and splendour. A new day was born. For the first time in my life, I was carried away when the permission from both of my parents of going to my uncle’s village house in Kuala Terengganu came into my thought. I was so eager to pack all my clothes and also my new bought of fishing rods as I had been waiting for quite a long time to do fishing together with my close cousin, Azrul, at his village. I was absolutely sad because my parents could not accompany me to go there. So, they had unanimously agreed to send me to the nearest bus station to reach the village.
I felt like butterfly in my stomach as I had to board and travel alone in the bus. It was my first journey in a bus and I felt very lonely. Nobody of the passengers I knew. I just only stared at all of them and finally, I could make a friend named Joseph. He also insisted to go to the same destination just like me. We travelled in the same express bus at about two hours and we often talked about our purpose of going to the fishing village. He told me that he was going to visit both of his loving grandparents whom they are the villagers there. I also told him about my point which was to visit my uncle. Finally, we managed to arrive at our destination.
At the village, the hills stood out in the distance against the colourless blue sky. My uncle’s picturesque village is nestled amidst lush green forests and verdant fields. It had been a long, long time since my last visit here. It was almost a year, I think so. As I approached to the fishing village, the wooden houses of zinc and thatched roofs came into my sight. All the village houses were huddled together behind a barbed-wire fence. So did with my uncle’s house. I could see the sun high up in the sky. Village houses baked under the scorching sun in the afternoon. First of all, I went fishing with my cousin, Azrul. Beyond the village was a river,...