A Stop to Make

Walter Colvin
Mr. Hiland
Honors English 11
April 20, 2010
A Stop to Make
      Hello my friends, I am blessed to be born and raised in what Justin Moore referred to as “good ole small town U.S.A”, Roachdale, Indiana.   It is just a dot on the map where everyone knows everybody, or almost everybody.   The kind of place, depending on the year, where there are corn fields on the left and bean fields to the right, the kind of place where the only color conflict is between red and green.   This town is home to Casey’s General store. A brick building containing everything one could need from gas to food to movies.   One can even get advice from the older men that inhabit the place.   Casey’s is east of the railroad tracks, north of the elementary school, and just off of Indiana highway 236.   Casey’s has a deli and pizza and usually the cheapest gas it the surrounding area.   Where once sat a rather large white half burnt house, now sits the most populated place in town.
      Personally, I have never been in and out of the store without talking to someone I know.   Casey’s is the hangout place for most of the retired men with nowhere to go or the farmers with nothing to do or needing to take a break. Casey’s as a spacious parking lot and gas pumps. At the old gas station the pumps where very close together and it only had a few parking spaces, but at Casey’s there is plenty of room.
When one walks into Casey’s there they would find the two cash registers that are operated by friendly, smiling faces. Same goes for the people operating the deli, they are cheerful, helpful, and provide one with a delicious lunch of supper. The store is home to all kinds of snacks, drinks, and other delightful foods.