A Step Towards the Green Community

Do you know what Green Buildings are? Green Buildings or in other words "natural buildings" are the buildings that depend mostly on natural resources rather than chemical and artificial materials. The purpose of turning communities into green communities is to reduce the danger affecting the environment so we will be able to live a healthy life within a healthy environment.

I used to think that establishing green communities is far expensive than having normal buildings till I came across an amazing book called "Green Home Building " by Mici Cook and Dong Garret. In this book the author discussed very important issues related to strategies for saving money to have an affordable, healthy, and high performance home. I discovered that it is really possible with lower base constructions costs I can afford funding for great performance. Furthermore, it's possible to achieve a net zero energy home, and to live affordably into the future regardless the rising costs of fuel, water, and other materials.

Therefore, I decided to have my own green house. The first step toward my ambition was to discuss this issue with qualified people who have experience and knowledge to help explain and clarify difficult matters. However, I had a chance to meet an engineer who is an expertise in building such homes. I asked him whether it would cost much to have my own green house?. He said, "Though people think it is far expensive and unaffordable, building a greenhouse and designing it using natural resources of energy will have greater benefit than owning a normal house." He added that, "Opposing what people believe, if you follow certain money-saving strategies you will save your money, energy, and you will have a healthy life in return."

I could visit some of the green homes in Dubai. I was surprised to see the beautiful and amazing construction work of these houses with the great effort engineers did to design and decorate these houses with turning the roofs into green areas,...