A Rising Problem in the United States

A Rising Problem in the United States
Cary Kindle
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This paper is going to discuss the rising problem of juvenile delinquency in the United States and the fact that many adolescence are being tried as adults in the court systems when there could have been an alternative program used to correct behavioral problems.   In addition, this paper will explore where the problem may have originated.   With delinquency rising there is a need for more jails and police.

A Rising Problem in the United States
There is a growing problem in the United States and that problem is the rise of juvenile delinquency that is affecting more than just the individuals causing trouble.   Court systems for juveniles are as much like adult courts.   As Kurlychek and Johnson (2004) argued, “this assumption is likely to be problematic.   Juvenile courts are characterized by disposition options that fundamentally differ from adult courts in their symbolic meaning, punitive and treatment alternatives, and punishment goals.”   Many young people can benefit if corrected early in life.   Juvenile delinquency is a national problem making it difficult for authorities to overlook age, causing the need for more jails, prisons, and a search for creative alternative programs rather than a destroyed life of incarceration.

Many people feel that juveniles that commit crimes should be processed under adult court systems.   Many juveniles continuously commit the same offences repeatedly.   This could very well be a point that could be used to refute the fact that children do not process and understand the effects of their decisions (LawyerShop.com, 2012).   This is the entire reason why our system of justice needs to clarify and decide the appropriate actions to take when it comes to underage delinquency.   This is a precursor to come up with alternative corrections programs for first time offenders.   (LawyerShop.com, 2012) States, “Most recent Juvenile Offenders and Victims...