A Reflective Report of an Incident at My Clinical Area

A reflective report of an incident at my clinical area.

Reflection is an active process of witnessing one’s own experience so that we can take a closer look at it. It has its foundations in the discipline of experiential learning.
I have chosen is Gibb’s model. The reason being that it simple to use and
Gibbs’ (1988) reflective cycle is a popular model for reflection. The model includes 6 stages of reflection and is presented below.


What happen?

I am a clinical coordinator managing three operating theatre and line managing group of staff. I came to work one morning, on my management day, and found that my senior nurse on duty did not attend trauma meeting. Nurse leading trauma theatre list is expected to attend trauma meeting every morning. When I asked her the reason why she did not attend the meeting she said that she did not know that she will be attending the meeting and that she was preparing the theatre. I tried to explain to her that all the staff have been informed previously through email and communication book that any staff leading the trauma list should attend the trauma meeting on my day off or if I am not available. As I was still talking, the staff started crying and walked out on me in anger.


My feelings:

I was shocked and upset by her action. I was also angry with the fact she was upset and was crying because of this incident.
I felt that she misunderstood me and I was doing my job. The situation left me very distressed and it was only when I reflected on the experience that began to make up some excuses for her, maybe she is having a bad or may somebody has already annoyed her before the incident with me.


My Evaluation:
At the time, I did not feel that the situation had been resolved at all. I went to my office to cool down and later invited her for an informal meeting. However, after speaking to the staff about how I felt concerning her attitude, I felt much...