A Purpose Greater Than Oneself

A Purpose Greater than Oneself

Social scientists have studied the inner strengths of our young people in this country.   With the untimed terrorist attack in the U.S., it is important as a community that we come together to rebuild the trust that was taken away from our youth.   We have to instill in them that we persevere through hope, not hate.   As research continues it is found that we as adults are disconnected from our youth because of the lack of time that we spend with them has caused what little anxiety they have become heightened.  
As young people mature a huge demand is put on them as they age towards adulthood.   Many choices have been placed in front of them and most is how to achieve to be the best or perfect.   They must be able to achieve more and faster than the youth before them.   The pressure that they feel from society far exceeds time spent with friends and family.   There was a time where family time was important and time with friends was at a leisure pace.   Everything is now hurried to be the best well rounded adult they can be.
Girls in particular, with all the worries of growing up, deal with the evil aspects of life, including pressure from peers and family; having to make the right decisions about her and the society that she was born into.   There are so many choices that a young girl are faced with everyday and the added pressure from peers about sex and drugs are mounted from the pressures of home with the choice of what school to attend and sports to play.   This could leave her feeling uneasy.  
As researchers state a girl should not have to absorb all of the worries of the adult world just to grow up.   It is up to the community to rally around her and nurture the good within her.   Through the experience of the adults around her, she can be taught how to deal with the challenges she face and the how to understand herself in the process.   Through community support she can become a well rounded adult and be prepared as she goes...