A Philosophical Essay on the Right to Livelihood

an introductory chapter extracted from   B MATHEW's book,   "RIGHT TO LIVELIHOOD & EMPLOYMENT DISMISSALS."

A Philosophical Essay On
(by B Mathew)

Man first doubted the integrity of God’s Word and transgressed His commandment at the Garden of Eden and whereupon that woeful moment, Man became pitted against, amongst others three primary principal entities, which entities and man possessing and exerting respective life-forms, rights, entitlements and livelihoods, in an unseen war of dominance which hath raged unabatedly heretofore, presently and shalt so continue till his earthly course comes to an end.
Now to give meaning, explanation and definition to the foregoing, let me take you in retrospect through the corridors of epochs to the story of creation.
In the book of Genesis chapter one reading verses twenty four to twenty nine:
……. And GOD gave MAN, power, authority and DOMINION over
• The birds of the AIR
• The animals of the EARTH
• The fish of the DEEP.
An introspective interpretation of scriptures could take you yonder than what meets the eye; the scriptures in many instances had been in wont towards symbolic interpretation, that is, its literal meaning tantamount to a symbolic connotation.   Wherefore, it is all symbolic, for example when God spoke and addressed the serpent in the Garden of Eden it appeared in the natural that God had only cursed a natural corporeal reptile called snake. But in reality, God had actually cursed an incorporeal being called Satan. Therefore, in this particular verse we see GOD giving MAN power, authority and DOMINION over 3 spiritual elements;
•         The heavenly elements of stars, planets, the heavenly powers of principalities and spiritual kingdoms and spiritual powers and spiritual beings
•         Over the earthly situation and earthly circumstances which affect your life’S DESTINIES and over all animals