A Peaceful King

A Peaceful King
Barbara Whitaker
LDR 531: Organizational Leadership
January 26, 2015
Dr. Cheryl Lentz


            One of the most   admirable and by far the   most efficient   leadership in history   was that of   Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   A leader is one who defines a vision for an organization and can motivate others to achieve that vision.   To describe the leadership style of Dr. King would be to say that he is the master of   the theory of charismatic and transformational leadership style of leadership.   His style was one of integrative because his style of leadership involved more than one approach to lead an organization. Yukl (2013) His style of transformational leadership included the ability to articulate a vision, inspired others of the vision.   His style of leadership has been a forerunner for today’s leaders in the acceptance of group goals and he possessed high-performance expectations. His style was one with intellectual stimulation promoting cooperation among others and getting others to work together for a common purpose.
            Dr. King’s vision was one of peace in a fight for equality for all people. His methodology was similar to that of   the Gandhian   method of nonviolence (Brunicardi, 2007) Dr. King was excellent at pooling people together for a common goal. He was an excellent speaker who could easily articulate the vision He made it plain enough for so that people could understand his vision.  His vision was a peaceful means to conflict resolution.
          While entertaining the idea of speaking with my mentor, Mr. Shaw, I was moved to think, how could I have some similarities to this great man, Dr. King?  My mentor and I discussed my leadership style, and my characteristics.   we both were moved to do leadership exercises to further explore my leadership style and to see if there were any resemblances to that of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Brian Shaw introduced me to an excellent book, Good...