A Novice Manager’s Tale of Woe

A Novice Manager’s Tale of Woe
Personal Reflections is a national chain of personal care and household products. Tricia Monet has just recently moved from Illinois with her fiancé to Sioux City, Iowa. Tricia has a bachelor degree in accounting, in which is the area she had been working in for a little less than a year.   Recently though, she decided she missed direct interaction with people and decided to do something different. She applied for a position as assistant manager at Personal Reflections and was hired.
Personal Reflections seemed to have a very structured hiring and training program however the organization failed to have any formal ongoing/follow-up training.   Personal Reflection hiring practices excluded the store manager, Heather Munson, from any input into the hiring of Tricia.   This lead to feelings of discourse from the moment Tricia begins working.   The atmosphere in the beginning between Heather and Tricia was confrontational.   Tricia felt the store was disorganized and continually failed to meet the stated sales goals.
A month into Trish’s becoming assistant manager Heather left on disability.   Tricia was put into the position of temporary store manager.   She had no assistant manager because that person had quit shortly after Tricia began working.   The Sioux City store was supposed to be run with one store manager and three assistant managers.   It was determined that Heather would not be returning to the store and Tricia was offered the position.   She accepted the position and began getting the store organized, increasing sales, and staffing appropriately.
New staffing had brought in three new assistant store directors – Amy, Lori, and Tammy.   Tricia was excited about the three and started forming a solid working environment.   Tricia learned the background and capabilities of each assistant director and adapted their work toward their strengths.   Her management style consisted of creating an atmosphere where all were treated...