A Network

A net work   protocol is a set of rules that governs the communications between computers on a network. These rules include guidelines that regulate the following characteristics of a network: access method, allowed physical topologies, types of cabling, and speed of data transfer.
A Network access control requires a secure, strong-yet-flexible framework for authentication, access management, network security and data privacy. The 802.1X standard delivers that and more by enabling the creation of a powerful network perimeter defense via robust admission controls that will not allow users onto the enterprise network unless they are compliant with specified policy.]
WATCH is set up with a Windows NT domain with a primary domain controller (PDC) and a secondary domain controller. It has two Linux boxes performing print server and Domain Name System (DNS) services. There are a couple of Apache Web servers   performing intranet and Internet functions.
It can integrate the existing WATCH networking standards, protocols, and access methods through SHG's network. It   is a Windows 2000/2003 network with Active Directory.
Merge the old WATCH network data into SHG Active Directory and fpllow the below steps.
1)Operaional requirements which determines which data fields based on constraint satisfaction methodologies
2)Migrated data should have all its assciatives
3)Tools which are availbale in the market to satisfy our constraint.
4)We need to check the two environments ready to receive the migrated data without loss
5)check whether single -tier or multi-tier migration
6)Storage vendors may vary
                  Homogenous vendors
                  Hetrogenous vendors
7)Access protocol are
                  NAS(file protocol)
                  SAN(block protocol)
8)If it is a single time migration
you need to consider data placement records based on the results and storage tiers in the levels of hierarchy.