A Mothers Day Kiss Off

Molly Page
February 12, 2013

                                          A Mothers Day Kiss-Off

          In the article “A Mothers Day Kiss-Off by Leslie Bennetts” she shows

that even though Mothers Day is celebrated annually, the contributions

mothers make seem to go unrecognized.   The responsibilities and personal

sacrifices many women endure often go unnoticed and create built up anger.

In her article, Bennetts addresses these and other such womens issues. Many

women are not angry because of lack of sleep they endure but by cultural

demands in raising children being the mothers responsibility. One problem

Bennetts addresses is the issue between family needs and the needs of the

workplace. Working women have to deal with inflexible hours and

insensitivity regarding their childrens needs. Bennetts says, “Even all these

years after the women's movement emerged working mothers must still

confront the intransigence of the corporate culture whose extreme hours,

inflexible structures and hostility toward care taking needs can make the

juggling act very difficult.” (Bennetts,419) Many women continue to work

due to their financial situations. Stay at home moms seem to be more at risk

for resentment than working moms. Many stay at home moms also carry a lot

of stress with them. Bennetts states,“If a breadwinner dies, divorces his wife

or becomes unemployed,homemakers often cannot find decent jobs to

support their families.”(Bennetts,419) Among women who give

up their careers to stay at home, many feel anger for the sacrifices they have

to make. Bennet published a book called The Feminine Mistake (2008) and

after got attacked on her appearance, marriage, and children. They didn't like

the fact that she was a working mother, and not just a stay at home mom.

Bennetts states, “It's long past time for women to stop venting their anger on

each other and redirect it to...