A Man That Is Trapped

A man who doesn’t state his name is stuck on a street with no way out. This man describes his experience while he is in this “street”. At the end of this experience this man who doesn’t have a name simply says that he I nobody. In “The Street”, Octavio Paz writes about a dead man that is trapped in a maze with no connection to the outside world and since this is happening, this man thinks he is nobody.
During the first part of this man’s experience he is seen walking on a street that seems to have no ending to it. While is having this experience he is stepping on dry leaves “… my feet stepping on silent stones and dry leaves”. This man is all alone on a silent street stepping on dry leaves. He’s stepping on silent stones, but if you step on dry leaves, they make sounds, so that might be a sign that something is significant about these dry leaves. Dry leaves are dead so, the author might be sending a message to the reader stating that the main character of this poem might be a dead person stuck in a maze. After he experiences the dry leaves; he notices that someone is following him “Someone behind me also stepping on stones, leaves”. This someone is following him and the protagonist doesn’t see him, but at the end of this experience this unnamed man finds out that this someone is him: nobody.
At the middle of this man’s experience in the street he still notices that someone is still following him and along with that he soon notices that he has no way out of this street. This someone is still following the protagonist so he says this “If I run, he runs. I turn: nobody” The protagonist is saying that someone is copying his every move while following him. If someone is copying the protagonist’s every move then that someone might just be the protagonist because the protagonist is just seeing his own self. After the experience with the unknown person, the protagonist starts to realize he is trapped because he describes the street like this “Everything dark and...