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A Guide to effective Promotional Brochures - Questions to ask and answer

Promotional brochures are a basic communications tool for the travel industry.  They have been for many years and will continue so for the foreseeable future.  Despite this extensive use and the considerable dollars involved, many businesses and organizations are still uncertain about the production and use of such material This uncertainty can be minimized by asking the right questions at the right time.
The fact that you are reading this pamphlet probably means that you have decided to produce a brochure.  It should also mean that you have considered all media possibilities and selected a brochure as the way or one of the ways to effectively reach an identified target audience.  If you have not done this analysis, you should do so before continuing.  Brochures are relatively inexpensive and many organizations use them for that reason.  But if they have no effect, the money to produce and distribute them is still wasted.
Having determined that a brochure is a component in your media mix, there are a series of questions you need to answer to guide you into the production process.  Even if you use an advertising agency- which is highly recommended-the answering of these questions will prepare you to work with an agency and should result in a better product.  Your advertising agency should be a valuable source of information for answering these questions.
Question I - What kind of tourism environment do I operate in?
 The number and type of attractions and support facilities in a given area determine the area's ability to attract and service a particular group of consumers.  The supply of travel products in your area establishes the tourism environment in which you will work.  An area of many attractions and support facilities is likely to be fairly well known to the public, so the task of selling your particular product is made easier by that familiarity.
An area of...