A-Level Assignment

In this essay, I will summarise and discuss the two newspaper articles relating to mental health and the treatment of mental health issues.   I will talk about the representation of mental health within the media.   ‘It undermines the fundamental principles of one’s right to physical and mental care – that you have to be able to consent and that the people you go to have to be highly trained and have your best interests and aren’t meeting targets.’ She added: ‘And we certainly don’t want claimants’ and job-seekers’ aspirations and paltry money dependent on whether they take up treatment options, which bounce them into mental health treatments which may not suit them, and which violate all of our notions of what constitutes a minimum standard for productive engagement in therapy: in short, consent.’ Andrew Samuels, an Essex University professor, and immediate past chair of the UK Council for Psychotherapy, insisted the letter was not pro-Labour but was aimed at getting a review of measures taken and proposed over the past five years ‘If Labour decides afterwards all this is in order, it will go on.

Is depression caused by inflammation in the brain? Findings could reveal why sufferers experience physical symptoms l Canadian psychiatrists took brain scans from 20 patients and 20 controls l Depressed patients showed a third more brain inflammation than controls l The researchers hope it could lead to new ways of treating the condition l Current treatments for depression do not target inflammation of the brain l Depression affects around a fifth of adults at some point in their lives Depression may be the result of brain inflammation, a new study has suggested.
The assignment asks for a summary and then a discussion. This means that, following an introduction saying what you are going to cover (100 words), you should briefly summarise what the newspaper articles are saying (in about 250 words), and then discuss them in relation to your knowledge and understanding from...