A Letter to Eveline

My dear friend Eveline,
I know you are debating about whether you want to stay home and help your family or to leave with Frank. The ultimate decision is yours, but my opinion is you are still young and you deserve to enjoy your youth years. Also, you are in love with Frank, and he wants to marry you! I understand you want to keep your promise to your mother about taking care of you family, but I am sure she would understand your decision to leave and start your own. You even thought it out yourself; people would treat you with respect. You would not be treated the way your mother was (n/a).   It is also time for some of you other older siblings to take more responsibility. It is obvious that you want to leave because I can sense the excitement, but I can also sense that you feel like you are betraying your mother’s promise. A mother’s love for her child and their happiness is what matters the most to them. You can only do so much for everyone else, and not making decisions that you feel are best for you will keep you wondering and in misery.
Speaking of misery, do you not get tired of your dad and his alcohol habit? I mean I am sure it gets frustrating dealing with his nonsense and controlling ways. Not to mention, taking care of children, making sure they get fed, get to school, and keeping you on the go. I understand that all of your money goes to them, but just because you move away does not mean that you cannot send them anything.   Matter of fact, you can still keep your promise to your mother through many letters, support, visits, and love.
The decision is yours, and if you do decide to go, you know you can always return. Take advantage of your life, and live it with no what-ifs or regrets.
Yours Truly,
Whitney Ervin