A Letter Ofcomplaint


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Task: You’ve just come back from a very disappointing adventure holiday. The holiday did not correspond to the advertisement. Write a letter to the holiday company complaining about the holiday and asking for some sort of refund (about 300 words).


                                                                    33 Charles Road
                                                                                            Lancashire LA34 5GH
The Manager
Windermere Wildside Adventure Holidays
Wildside Hall, Ambleside, Cumbria                                   16th April, 2015

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to complain about my fortnight’s holiday which I booked with your company. I am afraid to say that the package holiday fell far short of the description of the advertisement.

First of all, I would like to comment on the quality of activities during my holiday. According to the advertisement, there are a variety of activities every day for me to choose. However, merely two activities was offered each day; especially, windsurfing and sailing, the significant reason that I choose this holiday package, was not offered. Furthermore, the three-day camping expedition completely failed. It is undeniable that the weather is unpredictable; nevertheless, your company cannot take it as the reason for this failure. As an experienced holiday company, you must have had some backup plans to make provision against possible problems. Added to this, the coach did not fulfill his responsibility and tackle the issues tactfully. Additionally, he was unable to promote group solidarity; consequently, some problems arose and caused dissatisfaction among people.

Another complains concern accommodation and food service which were not...