A Land Remebered and Earth Days Discussion

A Land Remembered and Earth Days Discussion
Lee, Antoin
Tobias, Emma, son Zach, Keith, Skillit, the dogs Nip, and Tuk. They move herd of cattle to be sold in Punta Rassa for $12 a cow, they have 140 cows. Zach's horse is called Ishmel. Frog and Bronze are part of the crew of the Mac Ivey Cattle Company. Tobias buys 65 cows from Sam Lowry at $3.00 each. Timucaun keeper of the graves warned Tobias not to enter the swamp. They eat the beef from one of the cows. The gators in the swamp ate the head cow. They drove the herd and sold them to Captain Hendry 865 cows and made $14,840, they received spanish gold doubloons worth $15 each. Nip and Tuck get shot. Zach meets Glenda and Skillit Pearlie Mae. Tobias gives the Indians 12 cows. Tobias purchased a Winchester rifle. Tobias and Zech visited the Seminole Indians and have to tell them the bad news about the death of James and Willie. Zech meets Tawanda. The Indians helped Tobias gain strength and get well. Zech marries Glenda. Zech and Glenda are expecting a child. My sense of place is the harmony between the humans and the land. "A land ethic changes the role of Homosapiens from conqueror of the land-community to plain member and citizen of it" Aldo Leopold. All of the characters in the Land Remembered live in Ecological Conscience. Conservation of harmony between man and the land. "Land is not merely soil; it is a fountain of energy flowing through a circuit of soils, plants, and animals." Aldo Leopold.
The issues that are raised in the film Earth Days are; Conservation-learn to live a simple life in harmony with the earth, Futurist-defend from waste, scarcity, and pollution, Motivator-Find a way to live and know our neighbors, stay genuine and make decisions that would impact our lives, Obtain and use energy efficiently, and do not violate the principles of ecology. The future of our planet depends on us, mother earth has real meaning, and earth is a very small thing that we must...